WELCOME TO GUIDED MINDS  Here I can show you that you have the power to change anything in life. Help you find direction and become more of the person you wish to be. By using NLP and hypnotherapy together you can become more confident and have more self-belief about yourself.[/box] [/span12] [/row]


A New View Coaching is a private and confidential service, helping clients to discover the possible changes they can make in their lives using Neuro Linguistic programming techniques and Hypnotherapy.

Get started now with our example hypnotherapy video below:

What If You Could Change?

Personal issues can hold you back and those problems can direct your life. You have to ask yourself – how much do I want to move on, what’s it worth to get rid of this problem and how much has this problem cost me so far with regards to my value of life?
  • aNLP skills have proven to be very effective for business performance.  Some of the largest companies in the world use NLP techniques to develop their staff, improve relationships giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • bYou are not alone.  Over the past 40 plus years NLP & hypnotherapy has been helping millions of people world wide overcome personal life limitations from phobias to drug issues,weight problems to eating disorders. Life has a plan for you so move beyond this problem.
  • cCommunication both verbal and non-verbal is an essential tool in building relationships.  NLP provides practical tools for achieving highly developed communication skills, learning about language and how it can be used to increase awareness and empower yourself and others.

Invest in Yourself for a Change