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A new view coaching is a private and confidential service, helping clients to discover the possible changes they can make in their lives using Neuro Linguistic programming techniques and Hypnotherapy.

My name is Gavin Smith is a hypnotherapist and master practioner in neuro linguistic programmer or NLP for short.

NLP is a set of tools to help you to change the way you perceive things. There are many things in our lifes that we might wish for and there are also other issues in our lives that we no longer want or need, and although these’s may be part of who you are. what if you could be different?

Richard Bandler founder of Neuro linguistic programming explains that NLP is about giving lessons and not doing therapy, once you have these’s statergies they are tools for your mind, to improve and better your perception of what life has to offer you

NLP can be used in all areas of personal developments. There are so many ways that NLP is used in our day to day life that most of the time people are unaware of it.

Don’t think of a blue elephant!

Did  you think about a blue elephant, before you dismissed it!

You see you have certain tools that help or hinder you. and for me, it is about showing you how to use your tools for you mind in a better more effective way. I love helping people overcome phobias or loss weight become more confident and have better self esteem. People suffering from depression, anxiety and nerves. A lot of the time we develop patterns to these things and then it’s a matter of helping them to find a way out.

We can effectively change the way we normally think and by learning how to use these NLP tools you will understand the relationship to your issue is changeable.

” if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

Life is about getting the most out of how you feel, day in day out. The issues people have can’t be changed by moving or having more, happeniess and change start from within. Since doing NLP my whole perception on my life, my world has changed for the better. and so can yours

Would you like to change?

What if you could?



  • Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith is a hypnotherapist and master practioner in neuro linguistic programmer...

Our aim

  • Remove unwanted feelings 
  • Create changing beliefs and values
  • Show you how much personal power you have
  • Teach you the skills that will help you change
  • Help you create goals that bring pleasure into your life

Our goals

Show clients that they have other options,other ways to break habits.Remove unwanted feelings and help them to discover their true potential

The only constant in the universe is change! i will show you, no matter your issue, you have ways of changing your mind. And by changing your mind you change your feeling and your perception of yourself and your world. you have ways of setting short and long term goals, you will learn to understand that once you understand yourself.you can appreciate the wonderful person you really are. learn not to fight within yourself but to work in harmony with your internal thoughts. and show you what your dreams are made of.