What is NLP?

 What is NLP

Neuro-Linguistic programming(NLP) in the 1970 Richard Bandler & john Grinder Developed a system were the brains neuron and the internal dialog (linguistic), can communicated and work better for your own best interests. NLP is not a therapy it is  lessons on how to use and develop your own manual for your brain, there are certain processes our minds go through before making choices and by understanding what our internal mind is wanting from us, we can learn to develop skills that can help us to overcome the issues that hold you back in life.


What can NLP be Used for 

NLP is successfully used in many fields helping to overcome phobias, depression, stress and other internal mental health issues. It is also used not only to help overcome issues but to target and aim for goals. Some of the worlds best sports men & women regularly us an NLP coach to help them achieve their next steps, take their game to the next level.

And the same is for business people helping them to look at what to do to help themselves or their business team progress even further. Going on in a certain direction in life with your career works better if you know where you are going rather then just flowing with what will be. And working with teams knowing how to get the best out of each of them is a vitaul importance both in business and in sport. Proper communication with yourself and with others is a must to aim high


Why would i use NLP

Weather you have had a good or bad upbringing, you are not your past. Life will through some rough things your way from time to time, but it’s what you do next!… That’s what get’s you through things.

Some of the NLP methods used for different things help you to understand that you can be who you want to be, some of the internal issues holding you back can be a distant memory. phobias are again something that holds you back imagine if you didn’t have that fear, what else could you overcome. What direction do you want to take your life, your career, your sport,


Do you want what money can’t buy!

We all deserve the best life has to offer. But things like confidence, self belief , direction and nameless other internal feelings can’t be brought they need to be taught and once you have then they are yours forever. Maybe it’s time to invest is something different, Maybe it’s time to invest in you for a change…..