Stop Smoking

It’s no surprise that starting smoking is easier then stopping. In today’s society there are many alternatives to stopping smoking as you know! We have been hypnotized in to thinking that vapes, tablets and chewing gum is the answer. But to me it is just replacing one bad habit for another, replacing a habit that...

Value of Words

Before I studied what I'm teaching. I used to think that I was different, no body understood my attitude, my stress, my anxiety. I used to feel that life was hard and unfair. I would get depressed with having to fight and be strong in every situation. But the more I started to hear the words I...

Anxiety Attacks and Disorders

ANXIETY Everyone feel anxious at some point when facing an unknown or challenging situation.  However, if you are worrying or your fears seem to overwhelm you and affect your life you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder. There are many types of anxiety disorder and many effective treatments and self help strategies that you can...