Mental Health

Over the 40 years or more NLP & Hypnotherapy has helped millions of people overcome a number of mental health issues; these are issues that the person has developed over a period of time. Although I do not recommend anyone coming off any tablets prescribed by your doctors, NLP & Hypnotherapy can be a good alterative or additional measure while going through a rough period in your life.

NLP helps people with mental health issues to see things in a different way. Depression, anxieties and low self esteem can all be changed with NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques. You see your mind has put you in a place that at the moment might seem hard to get out of. However there was a way in, so there is a way out.

If you want help to be free of your problems NLP will show you the person you once were and the better person you will become. If you believe that you want to change then change is what will happen.

It is said ‘we are who we think we are’ and NLP and other self help material are good examples of how people have come to understand that they are not alone, there is alternative help.  One reason why some people feel they are trapped and un-empowered is that their internal dialogue has begun to loop.

Feeling bad-bad decisions-bad results

Anywhere you start this internal process it will come around to the same loop. Utilizing your five senses Audioty, Visual, Kinaesthetic, Gustatory, Olfactory and using NLP strategies and techniques I can help you to discover there is a way out.  There is a bright future waiting for you to find the direction you want.

Dr Richard Bandler said ‘you can change the world with NLP one person at a time’. But you can only help those who want help!

So those are my two questions to you;

Do you want to change, and do you want help?

Yes! your life is waiting for you to enjoy it, Now make a GOOD DECISION-get-GOOD RESULTS-and- FEEL GOOD. Start a new happier loop in your life.                 

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