Predicting your future

It is very common that we predict our future, but because it happens so fast we tend not to notice it. To a point that we change our original prediction and sometime sabotage our own plan. You see understanding that we can do and understanding what our minds are capable of is still unknown to modern science. And we tend to get drawn into other peoples prediction and each time this alters are own.

Think about playing a game, for example pool. Now its not important whether or not you pot a ball, but you already in your mind see the ball going into the pocket.( and you might of imagined that just)


That is predicting your future on a conscious level. So what stops us getting what we want out of life? I believe that there are many factors that influence us and these come from our own family, friends, our internal thoughts and the Society we live in. But to truly get what you want out of life, your predicted future has to have the right tools for you to achieve it. This includes working for it and constantly aiming towards your future prediction. In our brains we have a area called the amygdala cortex. This part of our mind helps us to spot things around us that will help us to go towards our predictions, it helps us focus on it. Remember when you had brought something unusual and then you start noticing the same thing or similar in your life. Or the person who takes up a new hobby and starts learning more and more about it and buying more equipment and really getting involved in what they do.


It is also easier to predict and aim in a given direction when you are happy doing it, when something we do excites us and we see our prediction clear and happy. Not only is it more achievable but also its fun. It becomes part of who we are, and as it becomes who we are. Our amygdala cortex then attracts more of the same. Putting wind in your sails and supporting you and your prediction.


The unconscious mind is a fantastic thing, whoever it is also flexible and doubt or predictions often get altered by ourselves as we decide that the  future prediction we had yesterday is no longer as important as the one we have today. also  then there is our doubt that once we decide that this predicted goal is hard our mind then(amygdala cortex) will start to look for alternatives this can then change your whole predicted future. If you see a clear colourful image of your prediction, you will make it happen as long as you understand the universal rules of how your unconscious mind is working for you


If you were to bake a cake, a Victoria sponge  you would need all the right ingredients and a process of working and a time scale in which to make the perfect Victoria sponge. But any alteration of ingredients or the right process of working the cake will be altered from the perfect vision of it. Other factors about our own predictions also come into play such as working towards them, your Unconscious predicts but your Conscious has to do the physical work to help it happen. However many people feel that their predictions never work out, and i would guess that they are confusing a physical prediction with a wish.


The process of anything has to be followed to work the prediction. When you go to the shop to buy milk, in your minds eye you might see, milk or the shop. Imagine if you were to think about every little thing to get you to the shop as you thought about buying milk. Every thing would take twice as long. Thinking about what to wear because of the weather, what is the best route, how many steps it might take to the car or bus or just walking. But it wouldn’t stop there you would also be thinking of why you wanted the milk and you could easily then be thinking of the whole process of making a cup of tea or coffee. So you see, your unconscious mind shows you anything you predict but it will require the right work from the you conscious you

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