Throughout your whole life you will pick up and drop habits because most of the time we tend to learn something and then unconsciously this can lead to a habit.  It is thought that anything good or bad can become a habit in as little as 30 days.

Without habits we wouldn’t be who we are.  We have certain habits for dressing, do you wash first and brush your teeth or brush your teeth and then wash! Habits aren’t all bad, some are good but the way you see a habit is the key to how to change it.

You see habits are memories of past pleasures, and by using NLP techniques I can show you how to look at those habits in a different way.

Good habits go through your life silently and comfortably supporting the person you are and generally go unnoticed.  It is only the unwanted habits that although give us short satisfaction leave us feeling weak and not in control.

If you have a habit that you wish to get over ask yourself how much of my life is this controlling?  Is this something that is part of something bigger holding me back from being the person I wish to be?  What better things can I go on and do without this habit holding me back?

Then ask yourself what pleasure do I get from this habit?  Is it healthy for me?  Is it controlling?  Is it something that has already cost me value of life in some way?

Ultimately unwanted habits can control a big part of your life, restricting and pushing your life in a direction you do not want.

You we’re not born with habits, everything in life is learned and now it is time to learn how to remove those unwanted habits using NLP & Hypnosis.

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