Personal Goal Setting

Personal Goal Setting

In life very few people know where they are going.  They may have a rough idea for example;  get a job, meet a partner, get a mortgage , have children and live happily ever after.

Now there is nothing wrong with this idea but the detail is the first stumbling block!

What job – career job, industrial job, where should the job be, what salary are you happy with?

Meeting a partner – where you might meet, what are they like, do their goals match your goals?

Getting a mortgage -is a mortgage my best option, what could we afford, where would we live?

You see most personal goal setting sessions whether for a career move or personal development need to target each step.  Then we look at a time scale because having a coach to assist you does help you to feel that you are not alone and you can share and work through any concerns you have and make the right decisions.

Not many of us get what we want in life without working towards it and as the world population continues to grow, it is becoming even harder to find or stay on a path towards your goals.

A New View Coaching will show you your direction and coach you through it for as long as is necessary.  It is time for you to make your personal goal achievable, so make the decision to set your personal goals.

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