Many phobias are developed from a fear from a person’s past.  This might be exaggerated and unrealistic and although the person might be right in feeling a sense of danger, this can be taken out of context and leave the person feeling anxious about a situation or object.


Some examples of phobias might include animals, dogs, spiders and snakes being among the top most common ones. Other phobias are related to situations such as visiting the dentist or flying.


There is no doubt that you are aware of your own fear but what is your phobia associated with, did you learn to be afraid from an early age?


Phobias can by life limiting, restricting you as always to avoid being or having contact with that phobia .


Fear is what keeps you safe, however you do not need to be bitten by a dog to have a certain level of respect and fear for it.  This is how phobias are caused fearing a future event based on exaggerated fears from the past.


Phobias and fears are also something that you unconsciously pass on to your children, as an adult you also give unconscious permission to your children to have the same fears or phobias.


Imagine if you could overcome your phobias, you wouldn’t have to live your life with the limitations of doing things around that phobia. If you can get over that fear what else in your life can you do?


You are here because unconsciously you have already decided that you have had enough.


So what are you waiting for?

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