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Sports Performance Coaching

NLP & hypnotherapy is already widely used in sports performance. It helps the person or team see the possibilities not only for athletes but also for inspiring coaches. Using NLP athletes and coaches learn not only to communicate better with each other but also with themselves.

I watched Spain and the Netherlands play football in the World Cup 2014 and Spain hadn’t lost a game for 63 games. Now here they were 3-1 down, as this unfolded the Spanish player for all their worth lost heart and went on to lose 5-1.  Now imagine if Spain had no idea of the score what do you think they would of played like, they had already decided they had lost

This happens in every sport, it’s not all about the performance, it’s about your mental game and design.” REMEMBER YOUR MIND WON’T GO WHERE YOUR MIND DOESN’T TELL IT” If an athlete or team believe that another person or another team is better than them, it is that belief that needs to change to give the athlete the best opportunity to win and move on to better things.

Sports Performance NLP & Hypnotherapy will do wonders for every aspiring athlete or team.  We are who we think we are and I can show you how to think like a champion.

NLP will help the athlete or team utilizes the five senses;






to show them that at times they might be working against themselves without realising, and if they are working against themselves they are then assisting their own competitors.

There can be many reasons for athletes that have the potential to succeed to fall short and this is where NLP can help to show the athlete or team that although they might be consciously trying their best, something unconsciously is stopping them. (Trying presumes failure, trying to do something you have to unconsciously decide that you are likely to fail).

Every athlete should consider their motivations, their beliefs, their ability and their fears in sport and from here there can be the best understanding of themselves in relation to the sport.  With team sports each individual will also have the same questions to ask themselves, not only about their individual sports performance but about their team. This is because team sports also come with a hierarchy that can falsely put players on a pedestal and others on a stool this then can lead to “I’m not worthy” kind of internal feeling. Therefore “I’m not worthy” will play to the limitations expected of someone on a stool.

All too often it is said that a team is only as good as it’s weakest player but often this is overlooked and there is a need for “The Player”. There is no “I” in team and this problem is very apparent in football at the moment. With their millions premiership teams are not utilising the capabities of all the team and leaving the pressure sometimes to a new signing.  A team that pulls together regardless of money can be unstoppable.

Having the tools to access and optimize your mental skills can mean the difference between winning and losing.

You know that you or your team can perform much better at times, and NLP sports performance coaching is the best place to help put you on to the next level in your sporting career.

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