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Stress management or not managing stress is a very big problem issue for a lot of people in the modern sociality of the western world and there is millions of people taking recreational drugs, alcohol and smoking to help them deal with the stress in their lives. The problem with this is, we can create more problems in our lives that are a result of our own personal stress busters. Going from one problem like stress to another ill health for example is not what i would call a good plan. Sociality has become more and more technical in just a few generations; 100 years ago there wasn’t even a T.V now we can nearly watch anything anywhere.

The problem is that our bodies have taken 1000’s of years to get to this stage of evolution and it is not used to the problems that we are creating for ourselves. You see our bodies are used to protecting us and repairing us, but when there is no user’s manual for or body and mind then we can feel helpless, it’s a bit ironic that we are taught a how to read and write, eat, dress, and prepare to fall into place in a society that seems to have lives planned out already from the cradle to the grave so to speak. But we are not taught how to deal with our own personal emotions. all through your life issues come up and our modern society has little in place when it comes to helping people with their own internal issues. I mean if we were taught at schools how to help ourselves that has to be of benefit to society in the long run, hasn’t it!

To understand how we get stressed we need to understand how the human mind and body works when we are stressed. Going back into our early evolution when we were not the top of the food chain our body would produce adrenalin to help us to run for lives or give us the strength fight longer when our lives depended on it. now a days we aren’t being chased by wild animals wanting to eat us, but our bodies still produce adrenalin and we use in for things like i job or the neighbours dog’s or we get so used to working on adrenalin we get the job done! The problem is that your body can’t keep up with your demands of adrenalin and it can only produce so much, because after all it is designed to help you when you are in danger not just to get the job done.

So when your body slows down, the production of adrenalin. but you body is still trying to use what it hasn’t got, then you are putting STRESS on your system. And if your body continues to keep over loading it’s self and keep trying to live a life that is adrenalin driven then, the stress won’t manage and the whole system will stop functioning properly and that will then lead us into a DEPRESSION. Isn’t it interesting to realise that you are already managing your stress just not effectively.


So how do we manage stress,

Control your mind

anything you are doing that is stress driven, notice who is controlling the stress! It is your choice. Take yourself out of the picture for a moment and notice your environment, become a spectator and match. Because whatever is happening will happen regardless of you, being stressed, you been happy, you being there, or you not being there.

You see remember someone yarning and notice how you unconsciously react to them yarning. Sometimes you might copy that yarn, even now. You might notice that feeling underneath your jaw bone and your ears feel like popping as you yarn.

Just as we unconsciously react to a yarn, we can unconsciously create triggers for getting stressed. Without rational reason we decide this require adrenalin, then our mind will start to connect other events in our lives and also tell our mind this is similar, so this too requires adrenalin, and this one and this one.

As i have said previously some people get so used to living and working with adrenalin that it seems natural to them to get stressed. But unfortunately this will lead to depression and other illnesses if not controlled.

Hear your heart,

Your heart is controlled by your mind. you can send yourself into a panicked state or a relaxed state by using your mind. And hear your heart beating to fast then your body is working within a stressed or adrenalin driven way. Control your mind and that will control your body. Keep telling yourself that

 I am in control;


The situation is not the stimulus for stress. And you know that the stimulus is not situation. Take a moment in any situation and ask yourself, “can i control this another way.” Even more than one way, two, three, four or more. And see things from different perceptions. Life will through up all kinds of things in our lives, but it is our perception and our response that will determine our choices and our direction.

Let go


Stop trying to control or think about the issue/ situation with stress. Unconsciously working your mind up to a level where your heart is beating faster is not a good plan of action. Issues and situations happen; it is ourselves that bring emotion to the issue/situation. Let go of stress and see how the issue/situation could be emotionally thought of in a different way

Live and learn,


Work at controlling your mind, hear your heart beat, tell yourself i am in control and let go of the issue/situation it doesn’t have to be stress driven. Live your live enjoying every breath you take. You are stronger then you think.

Millions of years ago when mankind was no more than a cell, we evolved because we learn to adapt and live or don’t and die. Now we come to this stage in evolution and our western world becomes reliant on a quick fix pill for more thing then necessary. The human body doesn’t always need a pill. It has been developed over millions of year’s dealing with issues/situation far greater than those of our generations and yet it has survived. To me the human body sometimes just needs to be heard. We live in a wonder time compared to our past generations. The most important things in life at what money can’t buy, learn to understand is priceless, understand that our first wealth is health.   So


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